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Collectible, Antique, Vintage and Real Photo Postcards

Avid collectors since 1976, our Antique, Vintage and Real Photo postcards are hand chosen for their unique qualities that reflect 150 years of U.S. and World History including Influential Pioneers, Family Ancestry, History of World Wars, Past Social Movements, Photography, Government Politics, Orphan Charities, Industrial Movements, State Insane Asylums, Religious Institutions and Educational Facilities.

The collection and study and of old postcards is the third most collectible hobby in the world, following coins and stamps. Before telephones and texting, postcards proved to be a quick and inexpensive way to communicate between family members and business contacts. In 1907 alone, France produced 300 million postcards, Germany; One billion; England; 600 million and the U.S.; 800 million.

Early postcard publishers had the freedom to convey Political and Social messages through printed illustrations and photographs which influenced the population through underlying messages and themes. These included Child Labor Laws, Woman Suffragettes, Prohibition, Civil Rights and Government Elections. Their function proved much like Social Media services today, with space provided for the sender to relay recent news and personal comments. Many of these sad messages record Dust Bowl crop failures, deaths from Flu and Smallpox epidemics, unemployment and infant mortalities.

Did you know that Antique and Vintage postcards can be resourceful tools for Ancestry and Genealogy researchers? Family Surnames on each postcard are logged into our data base providing an efficient method for you to quickly locate correspondence exchanged between past Family members. When assembled, these cards provide detailed information that document timelines covering over 100 years of personal history.

Over the years we've uncovered postcard correspondence sent between famous families that include Aviator; Wilbur Wright, Inventor; Thomas Edison, Steel and Railroad Baron; J.P. Morgan, Thresher Inventor; Cyrus Hall McCormick, Actor; Humphrey Bogart, President; Ronald 'Dutch' Reagan, Sculptor; Malvina Hoffman and Accordionist; Myron Floren who starred on the Lawrence Welk show for over 30 years.

An interesting example of this includes several Vintage postcards that were penned by Ronald Reagan when he was employed during the 1950's by WHO Radio in Des Moines, Iowa. The correspondence was written while he and actress Ann Sheridan traveled by rail to California to report on the grand opening of Disneyland.

Our Antique, Vintage and Real Photo Post Cards date between 1867-1990's and feature historical topics that include; U.S. States and Cities, Downtown Views, Foreign, Real Photos, Black and Native Americana, U.S. and Foreign Military, World War I & II, Veterans, Transportation, Artist Signed, Comic & Humor, Asheville, Teich and Kropp Linens, Paul Finkenrath Series, Valentines, Santa Claus, National Holidays, Halloween, Best Wishes, Rare Novelties, Leathers, Embossed Reliefs, Political World History, U.S. Presidents, Foreign Leaders, Industries, Diners and Restaurants, Early Western Themes, Signed Mutoscope Pin-Ups, Arcade Exhibit Cards, Hand Made postcards, French Tinted RPPC's, Historical Social Movements, Prohibition, Orphanages, State Insane Asylums, Woman's Movements, Churches and Foreign Cathedrals, Baby-Boomer Memories, Camping, Recreation Scenes, National Parks, Rodeos, Post Offices, Libraries and Fraternal Orders.

If you need help identifying your Collection, have Postcards for Sale or would like a Free Appraisal please contact us at 563-210-7291 or email us at patty@pattysantiquepostcards.com. To learn more about early postcard Publishers, Photographers, Illustrators and early Postal Cancels, click the tabs 'History of Postcards' and 'All About Postcards' located at the top of the page.
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